Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. Golf resort le Gruyere

Golf resort le Gruyere

A wedding … at home in the Village

This business photography shoot definitely had some surprises instore for me, and very nice ones too! Thanks to Jeanne and Cedric, I was hired to photograph their wedding in the very village I grew up in, Treyvaux, in Fribourg countryside. Admiring the place where I had grew up, it had certainly been a long time since I visited this place, but it was far from displeasing, It certainly did bring back some very fond memories! I recognised a lot of people at the  wedding, which added a special touch to the the journey, both in Treyvaux and Golf de la Gruyère enjoyed with a glass of aperitif. It was in the open air that the two love birds decided to unite, and here we were, watching them become one, at their wedding ceremony.

The new couple were getting ready to join everyone, their family, friends and guests to celebrate their happiness. The guests for sure looked as if they were competing with each other in their fine attires. Then there was the bride, looking beautiful as ever, and the lovely weather only helped to outshine the fine couple even more. The aperitif were served at Golf de la Gruyère, in Pont-la-Ville. Following that was games, laughter and a place filled with happiness. I continued capturing the couple with my camera and even managed a privately photo-shoot them both, before they left for Morlon.

Dinner was served along with some fine entertainment or should I say a surprise, the bride’s sister put on a fine show, exhibiting her talent in acrobats for her guests and especially for her sister, she was amazing at what she did. It was certainly a beautiful and an enjoyable one too with the fine couple.

Photographe: Alexandre Bourguet

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