Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. About me

I am simply a creative child who didn’t want to grow up, but luckily I do what I love the most and that is capturing precious moments.

A few years ago I wanted to become a landscape and wildlife photographer. Then I wanted to become a studio photographer and later, a photographer-reporter working in conflict zones. It was difficult to find my niche, so I tried to taste a little of everything. One day I was lucky enough to photograph a friend’s wedding – I instantly realised that this is was what I really wanted to do.

Why? Each wedding is unique and special. I work at capturing your precious moments of happiness. Allowing the married couple to relive the beautiful moments of the day through my photography which gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.

Capturing memories which can never return, is what I love the most about my job.

Facts about me

  • I really am going bald, as you’ll notice
  • I speak very quickly
  • I’m right-handed
  • I like all food except from chicory
  • I (almost) only listen to old songs
  • When it’s raining I love working with the window open
  • When I was younger, I had long hair just like my idol at the time, Kurt Cobain. Try to imagine…
  • I’m a bad loser
  • Nespresso Colombia, no cream, no sugar
  • Vtt, Snowboard, Badminton, Kravmaga.
  • Techie
  • I can’t control myself with a Ferrero Rocher box around
  • The evening before a wedding I always set 3 alarm clocks, one of which is on the opposite side of my room
  • I hate it when people say: ‘your camera takes beautiful photos’
  • I’ve never tried it (I promise!) but I would know how to put on a wide variety of wedding dresses
  • My friends and everyone who knows me call me a nickname
  • I’ve already watched TV series 3 times over
  • When I see someone I can’t help but notice their best profile, look at the way they blink and imagine how I could photograph them

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