Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. At Riedera castle in Essert and Montreux

At Riedera castle in Essert and Montreux

The charm of the gardens of Essert … and the Vaud Riviera

The beautiful couple Melanie and Maykel shared their most precious moments of their lives; their wedding day, with their friends/families and guests. It took place in Essert gardens, which had a lot to offer, it’s beautiful gardens, with magnificent views and the cool breeze which enhanced our experience of the place. We then made our way to the Castle of the great Riedera where the wedding ceremony took place. This ceremony was led by the very talented and experienced Tania Kohler, also known as an artist “bleu je te veux, who helped the couple to exchange their vows. The emotions were high at the rendezvous and we all continued to raise our aperitif, as the couple exchanged their vows in the calm & beautiful green setting. To add to the fun and enjoyment of this fine evening, the Fribourgeois couple had plenty of laughs and jokes up their sleeve to share with their guests that night, Their spirits were certainly high and we knew this would make one memorable day for a very long time, so I took advantage of this and the glazing lights, which were setting quiet a calm and soothing atmosphere, which was ideal to capture the  beautiful couple through my lens. The guests were waiting for the balloons to be set free at the Royal Plaza Hotel. The Vaud Riviera was quiet a charm of a place and the establishment was very impressive, they certainly worked their magic that day. It was in this sumptuous building that the wedding continued, with supper, refreshments and a dance to close the evening beautifully.

Photographer: Alexandre Bourguet
Assistant: Tabaït Van Roth

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