La traine de la robe de mariée à la Grande Riedera

My Packages

You can find the details of my package below.
Please let me know if you have any question. All my package are customizable for your need.

My packages

Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. Tarifs


Available only on week days for small group weddings
- 3 hours coverage
- About 200 photos
Additional hours: 250.-

Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. Tarifs


- 8 hours coverage
- about 400 photos
Additional hours: 200.- (max 18 hours)

Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. Tarifs


- Second photographer / assistant
- Photo albums
- Photobooth (
- Engagement session or trash the dress

Flat rate with cumulative options
Petite session de couple en extérieur

FAQ - Top 10

How many wedding have you photographed?

Just over 300

Is this your full-time Job ?

Yes, I am a full-time photographer.

I haven't come across any photos of the wedding decorations on your website, why?

Yes I do photograph the wedding decorations too, but it isn't something I display on my website, I am more than happy to show you a full album, in person, as an example of what a wedding photo album would be like.

Do you take group pictures ?

Yes I do!

Are the delivered photos edited?

Yes, to make sure that you receive the best, we do edit them.

How long do we have to wait to receive our photos?

About 4 weeks

Why a 2nd photographer? and how much does that cost ?

Even though the end result isn't any different, however there are some advantages to having 2 photographers.
- Being able to capture in two different places at one times (for example in preparation).
- Have two different angles (for example during the entrance to the ceremony)
- More photos of guests
- Increase risk taking on my part.
The cost of a second photographer is 800.- for 9 hours, which is about 75 per hour.

How far will you travel with the wedding couple?

We will cover the full wedding photography, even if it means to travel to another location, we are happy to oblige.

What camera do you use?

My eye !
Yes I know, the material is also important, although in my opinion the interpretation of the photographer is even more important. In terms of hardware, do not worry, I always use the latest technology.

What is your album brand that you work with?

With Floricolor, usually the model "Lunak"


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