Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. On the mountain at La Fouly

On the mountain at La Fouly

Wedding on the Mountain at La Fouly

This is a special wedding for me. I had already visited La Fouly a few years ago, and here I am again for the union of Aude and Guillaume! This is where I realise that time certainly flies. But there was no time for nostalgia, it is necessary to be fully alert with the new couple to be, the two lovers are beautiful and the decor surrounding them is doing them justice to bring the place out for this fine ceremony to take place, so there’s certainly no time to waste, admiring the surroundings as I get to work. I soon discover La Fouly, a passage through the hairstyle and makeup room. Direction Montreux, where Daniel Ferreira has reserved his surprise for his beautiful bride to be, the classical music that entertains us as the preparations are in full fledge makes Aude emotional and brings her to tears!

Once the bride is ready for the ceremony and to hear the speech by her close ones, we listen attentively as they are delivered. We then return to the land of Valais. Direction La Fouly, first at the Grand Hotel and then at the magnificent chapel, nestled at the bottom of Val Ferret. It is 600m and we have dropped a few degrees compared to how it was at the Lake Geneva Riviera. But it’s was still worth it, at the foot of Mount Dolent, which rises to 3820 m, the view is breathtaking. The view of the peaks of the Mont Blanc massif (located a few kilometres away) is quiet a beautiful sight. We are attending a beautiful ceremony, with many guests accompanied with children. We then enjoy a magical photo session with the couple, before returning to the hotel for the wedding celebrations to continue in the mountains.

Photographer: Alexandre Bourguet
Second shooter: Tabaït Van Roth

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