Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. At Beaurivage Palace in Lausanne

At Beaurivage Palace in Lausanne

The “wow” factor of a wedding at Beaurivage Palace

The “rainy wedding day, or the happy wedding day” the weather isn’t the best of friends when you are trying to plan a wedding day, which can add to the frustration of the bride and groom, especially when the unpredictable weather, can change any second. So I guess there is a cure, Nathalia and Carlos can vouch for this which is to celebrate somewhere where the weather can’t affect you much, and this was to get married in the Beaurivage! The charm of the palace has certainly worked its magic on the guests of this couple from Brazil.

During a short outing in the gardens of the luxurious 5 star Lausanne, the amazing views and scenery offered by the Lake Geneva Riviera and its “Lake Geneva” were breathtaking, as the saying goes, ‘it does not matter if it rains in the middle of August’, and it is true with a view like this for sure. However the biggest surprise was yet to come, which can be seen through the photos I managed to capture her reactions,  from the first look of the beautiful bride till the end! Her friends were speechless at the sight of the place, a pleasure to be the one capturing the beautiful moments with my lens as the photographer. The emotions were also high, especially when Nathalia entered for the traditional and religious ceremony. It was the father of the bride who helped the couple to exchange their vows. The beautiful evening continued in the magnificent room in the Rotunda building, which is located near the port of Ouchy.

Ah memories and I still remember the whole wedding like it was yesterday, it was simply beautiful.

Photographer: Alexandre Bourguet
Second shooter: Valérie Baeriswyl

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