My vision

What I like about wedding photography is being able to tell a story through my shots. My aim is to create the most beautiful images possible and incorporate a genuine aesthetic meticulousness. I’d like the married couple to be able to leaf through their wedding album with great pleasure for many years to come. I’m among the new generation of wedding photographers who intend on updating the genre – I don’t like photos from 20 years ago where the tense groom doesn’t know what to do with himself and the bride – due to having posed too much – has a smile plastered on her face. Wedding photography has to be spontaneous, funny and full of life. It needs to be about love.

My style

My style is halfway between wedding photojournalism and fine art. I put the emphasis on spontaneity while working my hardest to create the best possible result. Even if it’s sometimes necessary to adapt your position, I try to avoid being overbearing. After all, it’s the only way to reflect the real ‘you’.