Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. On the Mountain in Zermatt

On the Mountain in Zermatt

Three day wedding in Zermatt

I’ve not had the opportunity to spend three days photographing a wedding before, and here I was doing exactly just that in the beautiful  Zermatt, and this coincided with my offcial launch day too so I knew this would be a memorable day for me.

What better than to begin with Matterhorn for a smooth start? So day one, we enjoyed ourselves by joining in with the bride and groom skiing and even snowboarding with Christophe.

After enjoying a bit of sports, we began to start preparing for the second day with shopping for the bride in Cervo in Valais station. Then getting decor to match the splendid wedding dress designed in the same place where the wedding dress had been made, from Angeloz Mode.

The religious ceremony took place in a chapel in Zermatt. emotions seem to be a key in moments like this, during the exchange of vows, families coming together, especially when the grandfather of the bride brought the groom the ring. At the end of the ceremony, aperitif wine was served to celebrate,  then followed by a photo-shoot, which continued outside too in the cold weather. We then returned inside and join everyone for a meal, with games and dances which continued all night up until early morning. The late night entertainment was compensated with a brunch the following morning. The three day celebration was surely entertaining, which made it a memorable wedding too.

Photographer: Alexandre Bourguet
Second shooter: Aurélie Ayer

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