Wedding at the Portes des Iris

Le Gros-de-Vaud, is between the villages of Cottens and Vullierens. No wonder many couples choose the Iris Doors to celebrate the best day of their lives! This town is located between Lausanne and Geneva, not far from Lake Geneva, it is home to some of the most amazing gardens in Switzerland. Morgan and Maxime have shared with us one of the best days of their lives, even the sun agreed which accompanied us through the day. It was indeed a beautiful day in the beautiful Portes des Iris. The ceremony was first held in the hall, before it moved to the gardens. The couples wedding was well enjoyed, in the company of the elegant bride and charming groom. The guests certainly wanted me to capture the event very well through my lens, with the Bengal lights that celebrated the arrival of the cake certainly helped with taking some beautiful snaps of the beautiful day. The evening continued with dances outdoor in the sun, with a cool breeze, which made it much more enjoyable.

Photographer: Alexandre Bourguet


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