Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. In the Mountains in Gstaad and Bellevue Hotel

In the Mountains in Gstaad and Bellevue Hotel

A wedding in the beautiful Gstaad in Switzerland

As I wrap up my work in the beautiful city that never sleeps, as we call it New York, I make my way to the mountains of Switzerland, my thoughts trailed to what I was about to explore; Beautiful nature, tall mountains, the cool fresh breeze, no doubt I was looking forward to it.

At the wedding the new couple left no stone unturned, offering their guests an authentic Swiss experience in Gstaad, where the parents of the newlyweds live. This fine couple from Manhattan had been planning everything to offer their guests a fine experience in the mountains of Switzerland, on the occasion of their union as husband and wife. After a light meal at the Hotel Bellevue Gstaad, both the couple and their families have joined their guests after a chairlift ride for the ceremony to begin. The bridle slowly walks along with her dad, accompanied to the sound of the Corsican’s Alps, who have successfully charmed the audience with their skill & talent. The bride makes her appearance for the outdoor wedding, accomanied with with breathtaking view of Gstaad and with Bernese Oberland surrounding us.

Photographer: Alexandre Bourguet

Bride makeup in Gstaad Bride makeup in Gstaad Discussion between the makeup artist and the bride in Gstaad Floral decoration for the wedding ceremony Emotion before the wedding ceremony The newlyweds and their guests are making the latest touch ups An oldtimer waits for the bride and groom in front of the Bellevue Hotel Even before the ceremony, the emotion is already strong in Gstaad Brace before the wedding ceremony above Gstaad. The bride and groom are accomplices in the oldtimer A man drives the newlyweds from the chairlift The idyllic setting of the Bernese Oberland for this wedding A chairlift brings the couple to the wedding The bride arrives at the wedding ceremony View from the heights of Gstaad The bride and groom arrives for the ceremony in Gstaad Alpine horns to welcome the newlyweds Emotion for the bride Hand fuck of the father of the bride before joining the altar Congratulations on the groom in Gstaad Outdoor wedding ceremony above Gstaad. The priest animates the wedding ceremony at 2000 meters of altitude Attention of the bride and groom during the ceremony Wedding aperitif still above Gstaad, overlooking the Oberland Close-up of the bride's ring Kiss of the newlyweds during the ceremony in Gstaad Emotion of the bride and groom over Gstaad.