Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. Civil ceremony at Gruyere with AOP Gruyere

Civil ceremony at Gruyere with AOP Gruyere

A civil marriage in Gruyères

As Laurie and Maxime prepare to exchange vows, it is at the Hotel Saint-Georges, in the heart of the medieval city of Gruyère, and Colombettes Vuadens, where the wedding took place. Marie and Yves had a little problem to resolve,  when you end up receiving more guests than the civil room in Gruyères, can cater for? They certainly manage to resolve the problem quiet easily. They ended up arranging two sittings for everyone with an aperitif before the ceremony began. Marie and Yves disappear to exchange their vows and return as the newly married couple! While the guests drink away at this celebration, the two held the exchange of vows privately but spend the rest of the day with all their guests, in the pure Gruyerian tradition.

For more entertainment, Bredzon armchairs who played the Alpine horn for a local feast conferred a “AOP Gruyère (s)” atmosphere was certainly entertaining everyone at this wedding too. This wedding was held in a beautiful large room in the village of Gruyères. To get us even more in the Gruyerian feel and atmosphere, there were even armaillis bredzon who played the horn of the Alps at a local party.

Then a beautiful Volvo leads the bride and groom away to Vuadens in the beautiful Colombettes room. I must say, La Gruyère never disappoint, and that’s for sure!

Main photographer: Alexandre Bourguet
Assistant and photographer: Taïbat Van Roth

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