Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. Grand Hotel du Lac at Vevey

Grand Hotel du Lac at Vevey

Vevey – Mont Pèlerin – To Vevey by a VW bus

One of the advantages of this job is that I love to meet people, which I do get to do, in fact I get to meet plenty of people. But some I seem to click with more than others! However some weddings are more special than others, just like, Delphine’s wedding, I share a special relationship with her. I had the honour of photographing her wedding, which also marked my first shoot of the year in 2017.

Many of her friends were present at the wedding, including me, but I was chosen to photo-shoot the best day of their lives. It was an honour & pleasure to do so, and It gave me an opportunity to produce some of my finest works, especially being around my dear ones too.

It was a beautiful weather that day, and mind you many shoots I have attended prior to this, seem to have the sun accompanying us throughout the day, which is a bonus for me as a photographer. So here we were at Lake Geneva Riviera under the sun! Preparations at the Grand Hotel du Lac in Vevey were in full fledge. This is often the beginning of the wedding, preparations at hand, everyone one is busy trying to sort out the last few preparations before the guests arrive, a manic, which I was use to witnessing.

The beautiful sight of the shores of Lake Geneva was refreshing, however we proceeded with a ride in the VW bus on the highway! An excitement amongst us all as we make our way to the church, Mont-Pèlerin’s church to be precise. The ceremony at the church was quiet moving and emotional for sure. However after that, we get back on the bus to return to Vevey. We drive away in the classic vehicle, with beautiful scenery insight, the paved streets of Vevey and I decide to take advantage of this, and begin to snap away the couple in the beautiful nature sights we were discovering. We finally reach the Grand Hotel du Lac, we are welcomed with aperitif in the fine sunset view, relaxing is what crossed my mind. What more could one ask for.

Main photographer: Alexandre Bourguet
Assistant and photographer: Taïbat Van Roth

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