A musical wedding in Gruyère

Gruyères, Les Colombettes then to Château de Vaulruz: it is a typical Gruyère wedding that Flaminia and Mathieu have offered their guests to be part of. The day was filled with emotion, with music surrounding us and it was sure an unforgettable day. Everyone enjoyed the day thoroughly, including the photographer! Let’s return to the day in a little detail.

The preparations began at the bride’s family house, with emotions already high at the rendezvous. Accompanying the newlyweds to the Gruyères church, where Flaminia let out a tear in happiness. The photos of the couple at Colombettes, speaks volumes of the love that is shared between the bride and the groom. The love & energy was quiet visible between the two, with the constant glance exchanges every now and then, with the beautiful colours of autumn surrounding them, with aperitif served to celebrate the occasion. We made our way to Château de Vaulruz, not far from there, for a beautiful meal. The happiness of the couple was visible, which played a huge part in the atmosphere of the wedding in Gruyère, and not forgetting the music which was the soul of the event. After a beautiful speech by the bride’s sister at the church, the music continued thereafter to rock the atmosphere alive, followed by with a meal.

Photographer: Alexandre Bourguet


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