Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. Ceremony on a boat

Ceremony on a boat

A wedding on a boat!

You will understand if you browsed through my blog, how adventurous these weddings can be, from a circus to a helicopter and then to a boat. This was the case with Chantal and Pierre-Alain, who had planned to get married on a boat. I was just hoping it wouldn’t rain, because I wasn’t sure what I would do? Fortunately, our couple had plan B, just in case things went wrong. So the boat it was! The bride, groom and guests aimed to make it an unforgettable day regardless what the weather would be, and the photographer would also have to be up for it! I wasn’t keen if it rained however seeing the happiness of the bride and groom, made me eager and I was ready for the day. This in turn really made me want to do it and I aimed to make it the best experience of their lives. Just, like the tattoo on the ankle of the bride which said, life is beautiful. so for sure I would aim to help her with just that.

I managed to collect many memorable moments from the wedding day and to begin with the gardens of the hotel Bear in Sugiez, in the Vully, which were mesmerising. Then not forgetting the the boat experience, where we managed to take pictures even in the rain before meeting the guests inside. Then there was the Bengal fires, the balloon which we set loose and watched as they flew away in the distance, the beautiful testimonies from the friends of the bride, regarding her and the special moments they had shared, And not forgetting the special moment where Chantal sang for Pierre-Alain. Which made us forget the rain, no doubt!

Photographer: Alexandre Bourguet
Second shooter: Tabaït Van Roth

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