Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. Wedding in the church in Fribourg

Wedding in the church in Fribourg

A day filled with happiness in Payerne around nature

There are different ways to celebrate a wedding. Some couples prefer to withhold it and leisure at the experience of it, whilst others are more expressive and make it very obvious from their actions that they are loving it. This was certainly the case for Mathilde and Hélio! After a lovely photo shoot in the heart of nature, in Broye Friborg forest, our two love birds arrived in Payerne, where their guests were waiting eagerly to put on a little dance at their entrance in to the Church. The couple couldn’t stop smiling and enjoying every minute of it, their faces radiant and very happy which was visible during the entire wedding celebration. I kept snapping away, making sure I didn’t miss anything. I manage to borrow the couple for a photo-shoot later on too in the beautiful nature, filled with amazing views of nature and serenity. The  radiant weather accompanying us and then the couple, who were full of so much energy and happiness was certainly a bonus.

Doesn’t Hélio mean “sun” in Greek? and it was just that what we had during the entire day.

Photographer: Alexandre Bourguet
Second shooter: Aurélie Ayer

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