Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. Portfolio
Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. Portfolio
Les mariés échangent un baiser en plein air au Chetzeron
Photo de Alexandre Bourguet. Portfolio


Professional wedding photographer in Switzerland

Une photo d'Alexandre Bourguet photographiant un couple dans un lac

Feeding my passion

Being a wedding photographer

Being a wedding photographer is not a side hobby, its a passion, it's me, the love of storing memories and helping you to begin a new journey is a beautiful way to make my day.

Alexandre Bourguet photographe de mariage professionnel

Inspired by you

I would like to offer you a unique, and a personal experience every time.
I would like my photography to immerse you in sharing a unique story, and invite you to an exciting new adventure, to begin a journey of preserving memories through me.

The people, the moments, and the intricate details matter to me, regardless of the ups and downs of the day, because sometimes it’s the little imperfections of the day, that make it perfect.

Les mariés se font un câlin juste après s'être dit oui au Chetzeron


If you choose me as your wedding photographer, I would like for you to give me the opportunity to capture the most intimate and emotional moments of your day. To allow me to witness your tears of joy, your first kiss as husband and wife, and your loving glances.

To give me the opportunity to capture these precious moments discreetly. But it also gives you the opportunity to fully experience this moment without holding back, without worrying about posing or pretending. Trust me, and live these moments without restraint as a wedding, not just a photo shoot.

Wedding in Switzerland

Based in Fribourg, I travel and work frequently in Lausanne, Riviera Vaudoise, Geneva, Neuchâtel, Bern, Thun, Interlaken, Jungfrau, Vevey, Montreux and all around Switzerland.

I work and travel throughout Europe and sometimes throughout the world in order to capture your special memories, the most beautiful day of your life.

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